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Monthly Archives: January 2014

How to Wear Ankle Boots

  Perhaps the most versatile style of shoe is the ankle boot.  When paired correctly with outfits, they can make the wearer look terrific, elongating and accentuating her legs and slimming her figure.  However, when even the most beautiful ankle boots are just thrown on or slapped together with an outfit, they can make a woman look squat, chunky, and … Continue reading

Can Shoes be Comfortable and Cute at the Same Time?

    There are times when, for some reason or another, we can’t wear our fabulous sky-high heels.  While women do look fabulous in shoes with a high heel, that sort of footwear can be uncomfortable if worn for a long time or too often.   Unfortunately, there’s this idea that comfortable footwear is either trainers for the young and trendy … Continue reading