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Shuphoric shares tips on How to make High Heels more Comfortable

High heels look fabulous.  They elongate your legs, make you walk with an ultra-feminine sway, and they also make you look slimmer.  Nothing looks better with a well-put together outfit than a gorgeous pair of heeled boots or shoes.  Most women however often high heels as they can be truly painful and hurt your feet. An night out can be absolutely ruined by the painful feet.  Here are a few tips to make high heels a bit more comfortable so you can dance the night away.

Tip #1: Make sure you buy high heels that fit.  It doesn’t matter if you get a fantastic bargain buying designer shoes that are a bit too small or bit too big – a shoe that doesn’t fit is going to hurt.  Small shoes can cramp your feet and cause bunions (believe me they are not cute) while shoes that are too big will look ridiculous and cause you to walk uncomfortably possibly causing injury.   Always ensure that you get the best fit possible, try on and buy shoes at the start of the day when your feet will be less sore swollen. This means you get an accurate representation of what size your feet are.

Tip #2: Add cushioned insoles to your shoes.  Before heading out for a night out the town, make your heels a bit more comfortable by adding gel or padded cushion inserts to the inner soles of your shoes.  There are many brands available which are relatively inexpensive. Here at Shuphoric we offer a wide range of insoles that can add amazing comfort to your feet. If you have invested in a pair of shoes that are too big for you use a gel insole to prop your foot into place.

Tip #3: “Break in” your shoes first.  Most experts recommend wearing a new pair of heels around the house to get them to loosen up a bit. To do this wear your new heels with fluffy bed socks and blast a hot hairdryer on them for a couple of minutes. This will soften up your shoes and make them easier to walk in because your foot shape has properly moulded to the shoes. If you don’t break in your shoes, chances are that when you do wear them, you’ll end up with blisters or they’ll pinch in all the wrong places.

Tip #4: Take smaller steps.  The longer your stride when you wear high heels, the more pressure there will be on the ball of your foot and toes. Try and glide gracefully. A Queen moves slowly, no rush…

Tip#5: Only wear high heels for about two hours at a time.  Wearing heels all day every day will do some serious, irreparable damage to your feet.  Instead when you’re out, pack a pair of flats with you if possible to change into later, or try to sit down when you can to give your feet a rest.

Tip #6: Pack some plasters in your purse.  As soon as you feel that you might be developing a blister, put a plaster on it and the relief will be immediate.  If you’re wearing open-toed shoes, don’t worry; there are clear plasters available that won’t spoil your elegant look.

High heels can be painful, but with the tips we have provided above, some of the pain can be eliminated and you can feel free to look amazing in your new pair of high heeled boots or shoes

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