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Can shoes be Cute and Comfortable at the same time?

There are times when, for some reason or another, we can’t wear our fabulous sky-high heels.  While shoes with a high heel are fabulous, they can be uncomfortable if worn for a long time or too often.  Unfortunately, there’s this idea that comfortable footwear is either trainers for the young and trendy or that all flats are for women who are older.

However, this isn’t entirely true. There are some fabulous and fun trainers on the market for women of all ages; there are also some amazing flats out there that can be nice looking on women who have smaller feet. There are also alternative comfort footwear including sandals, flats, and wedges that look beautiful, compliment and flatter all sorts of outfits and most importantly won’t have your feet in bits by the end of the day.

For spring and summer, an alternative to strappy high heels are sandals with a comfortable sole.  Available in a variety of patterns and styles, these will go well with short skirts, maxi dresses, shorts and even your favourite pair of blue jeans. If something a bit more formal or “jazzy” is required, then sandals with a bit of a wedge heel will also provide glamour along with comfort.

For cooler weather, flats will work nicely to keep feet warm and comfortable yet looking fantastic.  Loafers will work well either for a dressy evening out or for the workplace; they can be worn with skirts, shift-style dresses, trousers, and suits. 

Flat shoes can look just as stylish and can compliment an outfit just as well as high heels can; there’s no need to wear heels to break your back in. Shoes are mean to be not only cute but simply comfortable at the same time!

With a wide selection of comfortable and fashionable footwear, Shuphoric have the perfect pair of sandals, flats or wedges to compliment your favourite outfit in any season.  You can also add the “wow” factor to any ensemble with Shuphoric’s range of beautiful handbags.

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